Incense Kafuh White Plum

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White plum
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White Plum

Clear floral notes of this new white plum fragrance will permeate the air to please and delight you.


the scent of blossoms in the wind, is made from selected natural organic ingredients by incense craftmen.

Incense is easy to use:

Light the tip of the incense stick, then blow out the flame to produce the delicate wisp of smoke. Place it in the burner, and your room will be quickly filled with a special fragrance.

For fuller enjoyment of incense:

Please avoid drafty areas such as open Windows, doors, etc. so that ashes will not be scattered. Keep incense out of reach of children or pets. Place the burner on a tray to be sure that ashes will not get on the floor or furniture.

Made in Japan


Nippon Codo Incensi Floreali

Nippon Kodo, produce incensi realizzati unicamente con elementi naturali, senza alcuna aggiunta di origine chimica.

Ho avuto occasione di testare personalmente queste fragranze stupende! Sono favolosi, delicati nella profumazione molto fine, floreale rilassante e avvolgente. Ottimi per la meditazione e per per rasserenare la mente.Consiglio a chiunque di provarli ! Bellissimi!

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    Incense Kafuh White Plum

    Incense Kafuh White Plum

    Stick type