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Idea Wood Butsudan
Idea Wood Butsudan
Idea Wood Butsudan
Idea Wood Butsudan

Idea Wood Butsudan

Handcrafted butsudan with four doors in linden wood and golden inside. Entirely made in Italy and available in walnut and natural color.
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Zaffiro is a butsudan with a four-door design and magnetic closure system. With its glossy colors, it is the ideal solution for an elegant and modern environment. It is suitable to fit both standard and Tokuso Gohonzon. 

This model is built with wood that conforms to precise criteria of protection and respect for natural resources. The painting cycle uses water-based paints with low environmental impact and completely biodegradable.

Handcrafted in Italy

Maintenance: Clean with a damp cloth

Note: Attention, the knobs can be slightly different from those shown in the photo.


The Gohonzon is our greatest treasure. The way we take care of it reflects our attitude in faith and the value we give to this treasure, that is, to our life. It is thanks to this treasure that we can solve the problems in our present, past and future existence. Therefore, we should have the utmost respect for the Gohonzon and "welcome" it into the best place in our house. In this way, it will become natural to take care of the butsudan that contains it.


The wood used for our butsudan production is totally certified, made of selected eco-sustainable timber. This means that for each cut plant, another is replanted.The painting cycle is subjected to strict controls and non-toxic classified paints are used while ensuring great protection of the wood over time. Since they are catalyzed paints they do not release toxic vapors.

Therefore it is not recommended to treat butsudan with waxy products or perfumed oils because they contain turpentine, which alters the color of the scroll.

With regard to the electrical system, it is imperative to place the transformer, which generates heat, outside the butsudan. This is why the use of 220 volt bulbs is not recommended as these lamps - having the electronic transformer inside the base - overheat dangerously, putting the scroll at risk.

linden wood
43 cm.
with open doors:
80 cm.
17 cm.
65 cm.
Backdrop color:
golden backdrop
Built-in light:
Suitable for Tokuso

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