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Tealight holder oval ICIO antrachite
Tealight holder oval ICIO antrachite
Tealight holder oval ICIO antrachite

Tealight holder oval ICIO antrachite

Handcrafted low candle holder in anthracite porcelain. Collection created exclusively for Esperia Shop. Handcrafted in Italy.

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NEW IN 2021 – ICIO Collection

Exclusively designed for Esperia shop.

The ICIO collection is the outcome of a careful pursuit of modern design combined with an ancient artisan tradition. Thanks to innovation in the quality of the material, it is characterized by a refined design and great lightness. The ICIO anthracite coloring reflects the latest trends in the industry. Any imperfections or differences between the items prove and emphasize their true craftsmanship.

6 cm. max
6 cm.

It was back 1959 when the company PBB was formerly named Triade (Triad) not only with respect to three founders but most of all to underline the three building blocks of the universe: Earth, Water and Fire each of them having a particular relevance in the field of hand-making porcelain.

Those were the years of white porcelain biscuit figures and groups then followed by the soft pastels hand-painted ones.

Almost thirty years after, two of the three founders decided to leave the company and that's when Giorgio Basso instead continued with the production under the name of Nuova Triade (New Triad) a brand name that will be maintained even after the company passes to Mr Basso's children: Sergio and Laura.

2009: Porcellane Nuova Triade started to create a whole new line of porcelain accessories and to enrich the color range.

Only at the end of 2016 the new "ICIO" brand made a real twist introducing in the market innovative designs, materials, colors mainly focusing on refined tableware.

The porcelain since then combines contemporary forms and shades with the highest quality of raw material.