Kofu Sakura Incense
Kofu Sakura Incense

Kofu Sakura Incense

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Raw materials: machilus thunbergii bark, coconut, sandalwood, mineral substances, essences.

Incense is easy to use:

Light the tip of the incense stick, then blow out the flame to produce the delicate wisp of smoke. Place it in the burner, and your room will be quickly filled with a special fragrance.

For fuller enjoyment of incense:

Please avoid drafty areas with open windows, doors, etc. so that ashes will not be scattered. Keep the incense out of reach of children or pets. Place the burner on a tray to be sure that ashes will not get on the floor or furniture.

Incense certification: 

No substances are used that can be carcinogenic, such as benzene, toluene, benzopyrene, formaldehyde, etc.. Instead, essences that comply with the standards provided by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certification system are used, as well as colorings and dyes allowed for food and cosmetic products. The term "mineral substances" (where indicated) refers to calcium carbonate, titanium oxide or aluminum oxide.



1. Do not breathe the fumes emitted from the emission points

2. Use in ventilated places

3. Keep out of reach of children

4. Make sure that the ashes fall on non-flammable surfaces

5. People suffering from sensitization to perfumes should use this product with caution


Made in Japan

Net weight:
light fragrance, less smoke
Raw material:
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387 Items

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Thank you
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Consegna rapida
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Incenso perfetto
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...intanto stiamo ancora aspettando che torni disponibile...
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non è per me
Un mito gradevole.
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E\' da decenni che fa parte della mia vita. \"Guai a Voi\" se interrompete la fornitura.
Incenso kofu sakura
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Mi piacciono fragranze più intense
Incenso Kofu Sakura
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Fa poco fumo e ha un profumo discreto e non invadente molto raffinato
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