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High-quality Butsudan by Esperia

The Gohonzon is our greatest treasure. The way we take care of it reflects our attitude in faith and the value we give to this treasure, that is, to our life. It is thanks to this treasure that we can solve the problems of our present, past and future existence. Therefore, we should have the utmost respect for the Gohonzon and "welcome" it into the best place in our house. In this way, it becomes natural to take care of the butsudan that contains it.

Butsudan recommended by Esperia staff

High-quality and handcrafted incenses

Japanese incense is an handcraft product able to preserve the culture of a country and transform it into a modern lifestyle. No substances are used that can be carcinogenic, such as benzene, toluene, benzopyrene, formaldehyde, etc.. The essences used comply with the standards provided by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certification system The term "mineral substances" refers to calcium carbonate, titanium oxide or aluminum oxide.

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Esperia showcase

Accessories and articles for your Buddhist practice selected by the Esperia Shop staff.

In this showcase you will find the best offer of our products, periodically selected by our staff.

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Accessories recommended by Esperia staff

Wooden prayer beads

Wooden prayer beads, manufactured both in Japan and Italy

Wooden prayer beads

Bells and bell accessories

High-quality Japanese bells, with beautiful sound. We also offer a wide selection of bell cushions, bell stands and bell sticks.


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